Weekly Links: 17 Oct 2014 // 17 Oct 2014 // Meta

A collection of links collated from social media for the week ending 17 Oct 2014 …more

About Robbie Scourou // 14 Oct 2014 // Meta

Husband. Dad. Cat owner. Developer. Writer. Football fan. Runner. Real ale lover. Film watcher. Music listener. Coffee drinker. Reader. Gamer. Mindful. …more

Backups: The cloud // 24 Jul 2014 // Words

Demystifying the cloud, for backups. …more

Planning a new app // 16 Jul 2014 // Words

I've recently been in the early stages of planning a single page AngularJS app, working off a bunch of APIs that I'll be developing. I thought it might be interesting to list out what I plan on using, and my basic rationale for each choice. …more

Backups: A public service announcement // 20 May 2014 // Words

The importance of backups. The good, the bad and the ideal. …more